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love is…

I spent a beautiful weekend in Monterey.  The weather was perfect, and the occasion was lovely.  I have known Rachel for many years.  I met her in High School when we worked at a day camp together.  We then both ended up in San Diego, and then after I graduated college and moved out of the “college area,” she was my first roommate near the beach.  She eventually moved back to LA, and I went to San Francisco, but our friendship held strong.  She is what I like to call a “low maintenece friend”.  We chat every six months or so, and when we do its like no time has passed in between.

Rachel got married this past Sunday.  She married Peter, whom she had known for quite some time as well, but they started dating just three years ago.  Everyone was there to celebrate, and it was quaint at about 85 people, but it was great because it made each individual feel important.  When I showed up to the rehearsal dinner, I was greeted fondly by Rachel and her family and it felt like she was truly happy I was there.  I am not connected to most of the people there, but they also made Mick and I feel like we belonged in this group of strangers.  I guess thats what love does.  It brings people together, and gives warm fuzzies to all who surround it.  I hope that I bring that feeling to people too.  I hope people can see the happy.

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repost for reposts sake

So, apparently Paul gave it to Pete, and now I’m sharing it with you….because, its gold.

A Waffle House wedding ya’all.