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ready to relax

Two of the three roommates leave for the holidays today, and the third leaves tomorrow. That leaves Mick and I with a house to ourselves for over a week. Sweet. Whats even sweeter is the fact that we bought a 42″ LCD Television yesterday (our first joint purchase), and we gave each other part of our x-mas presents early. We obviously think the same. He bought me Super Mario Cart, and I bought him Lego Batman for the Wii. So basically, with the cost of the TV in mind…we dont need to leave the house at all the next few weeks. Well, maybe to eat. It will be nice to have the quiet of just us.
Im already in holiday mode mentally, but unfortunately have to work today, tomorrow and half of wednesday. Same goes next week too. Ahh well, ill take the break where i can get it, and just keep on accruing the vacation time for somewhere we want to go.
Happy Holidays everyone!

Wii Fit is offensive

So we got the wii fit in the mail the other day. I ordered it on eBay cut it can’t be found anywhere in stores. I used it for 30 minutes the other day, but not before we had a bit of fun and registered everyone in the room.

I’m of a normal size but was recommended to lose about 10 pounds. No real shock. Other people in the room were obese. You would think they could have been a bit nicer with the language. At least he is realistic and knows he isn’t, but obese?? That’s harsh. Maybe fluffy? Or big boned? Or squishy? What words would you use.

Also, I’ll try to monitor my progress, but I’m writing this on the bus home, so it’ll come after todays workout. Maybe I’ll be fully honest and include weight and bmi too.