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“Lil Gentleman” on the air!

So…the shopper segment that I sent my wunzees to went on the air this morning.  Its actually pretty funny, becasue the topic is “Ideas for Moms Hoping to Earn Extra Cash.”  So its a story about the economy and how we as mothers can make more money by selling crafts on Etsy.  Im a mom now! 🙂  I guess because I make baby clothes, I’ve got to be right? Well, its great exposure, and was fun to watch online.  You can too!  I can’t embed the video, but if you click on the link and go to the video footage on the top right, watch long enough, and you will see my onesie with a tie.  The “Lil Gentleman”.  She also links to my Wunzees Etsy shop, so thats awesome too…

Check it! She holds up my item longer than the rest! 🙂


Wunzees goin live….

So there is alot going on right now in my lil world of onesies.

1. Im just about ready to order a new batch of blanks…and I think i’m going to try a new vendor and go organic.  Organic is in right now…and I dont see it going away, so maybe it will open my base of buyers if I appeal to the masses.

2.  We are about to rebrand Wunzees was a great start to a shop on Etsy, but what happens after I start doing things other than onesies?  I mean, I’ve already ventured out into the world of bibs, and soon hopefully baby blankets are in the works.  Wunzees stops making sense.  I am in the preliminary stages of starting my new blog.  I need to get a host, and learn CSS, or just steal borrow someones template.  I Mick bought a domain.  Wait for it….”The Little Goat”.  Get it? Who doesn’t love goats, and a little goat is a kid!  I can not take credit for this…though I will exploit it for all its worth.  When the time comes, don’t forget to add thelittlegoat.com to your blogroll…though its nothing right now.


3. Wunzees are going to be on the internet (beyond Etsy)…maybe TV, and if you live in Atlanta, you can see it too! I answered a profnet, from a woman who was looking for trendy gifts from Etsy to feature on her show, and she responded!  Yay PR….So…It will be on the 11Alive News, in Atlanta, GA at 7:50 am on Saturday. WXIA-TV Its the NBC affiliate!  Pretty cool huh?

I will be featuring the Lil Gentleman Series.

The tie as well as the new mustache bib.

Stay tuned for more exciting things to come with The Little Goat.

marketing myself

It may be a small store, currently with only 15 onesies for sale, all with different patterns, in different sizes, but I’m trying to get people I don’t know to buy my shit.  How do I do that.  Im in PR.  I know how to reach reporters, but thats not what I need.  I need a small enough push that I sell what I make, but not a large enough push where I over work myself and make promises I cant keep.  I mean..i do want a life.

But I get so excited when I see that sale! Even if I sold to a friend I bullied into buying one.

Mom Blogs?

Constantly updating Facebook?

I have created a Facebook friend list that I can blast out to of people with kids.  A few new additions to my friend list from my sorority days.

But I need general “spread the word” help.

I also need new ideas to sew onto my “wunzees”. I want to hear what you would want your kid to wear…if you had one.

Here are some of my newest additions.  A variety for sure…but what would you want?

wunzees…is it just a clever name?

blah blah self marketing, cross promoting, hey lookat me.

So I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I’m looking to make a little more money.  Start a project of sorts.  Something to do to kill time if I’m wasting time anyway…whether it be in front of the TV, or just listening to music in my room.

A while back, Mick and I started talking about silk screening onesies.  Low overhead, easy to mass produce, but the only problem is that we didn’t have a silk screening machine.  We tried to iron on the design, but it just turned out looking really ameteur.

So, I have started sewing onesies instead.  We had gone to cheap town USA in Upstate NY when we went there in June, and had started a small stock pile of onesies that I have been messing with.  I bought a bunch of scrap fabric off of ebay (more coming), and a box of buttons.  Some collaboration between Mick and I for designs and ideas, and the “wunzees” concept has been started.  Im the labor.  He is the brains.  It is a good time killer, and I might as well make some extra cash too.

So…for those of you who are having kids, or know people who are having kids….shop at my etsy store.  I shared the news with my roommates…and Carly had a baby shower to go to the following day.  I made my first sale!

Yes…there are only a few up there.  They are all one of a kind, and I make them all by hand.  I am going to be buying more onesies, in white, black and red.  I will also have more felt, more thread and more ideas.  The magic doesnt stop now.  I also take requests.  🙂