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Happy Greaster

Seriously…I am still recovering from a deep-fry party ” Deep Fry: Episode V- The arteries Strike Back” held yesterday. Whomevers bright idea this was…for the second year running…I’m shaking my fist in disgust right now. I mean…it wasn’t Paul’s fault I had to try EVERYTHING that was put in the deep fryer. It wasn’t his fault that the fried grilled cheese was the best thing i had all day, so i snaked more than one bite. It also wasn’t his fault when I needed something not fried, so i went and ate 3 mochi. Good times this weekend.. Sad tummy today.

Looking at these pictures again, pretty much made me as naseus as I got yesterday, but thanks to Mick for busting out the camera, when my poor battery was dead.

Paul the host…really got into the party.

Paul Clark

We are going to ease our way into the grease. So here is the set-up.

set up

We then started off light with stuff like catfish and shrimps and scallops

Then it started getting gross…but still oh so good….
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