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bootcamp…i’m ready to get my ass kicked

So i know ive said it before…but this time I mean it (really!)

I have purchased this program, and will update you on the results.  But seriously….check out the website and see what kind of results these people got after just 30 days!!  I bought other videos that just sit at home collecting dust.  But this time, its me AND my roommate Talia joining forces.  She is an active girl, and an athlete…so I have her pushing for me.  We each bought it, so we have two of these pill looking balls and strappy things.  He is terribly annoying, so hopefully he isn’t the one running the show.

Score.  Updates to come.  I’m just waiting for the shit to arrive!

lil trollops

Last Thursday, and yesterday E-Ray has convinced me to go on lil jaunts, or trollops, or treks or whatever you want to call them. I think I’ll go again today. The thing is, with these lil jaunts, I realize just how sad my physical abilities are. Im getting winded on minor hills, and in reality, we are only cruising around the neighborhood. I guess its baby steps. Thats the first step. The half hour out of my house chatting with a friend, and walking my dog is actually a nice way to decompress after a busy day at work. But man…I run a block, I about keel over.

Gotta get myself pumped up. Gotta keep up a routine, so it only gets easier.

Some motivation: (yes..i know im not into karate, i just always found this song to be inspiring)