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phishers….and i dont mean the fans of the band

Seriously…this was an IM conversation I got today. If you can call it a conversation.

(3:43:59 PM) mcguirefoweta: hello
(3:45:19 PM) me: ?
(3:45:30 PM) mcguirefoweta: Hey Lauren
(3:45:55 PM) mcguirefoweta: This is difficult for me to do because I’m shy..but I have a crush on you, i have been sending you emails but no response
(3:46:19 PM) mcguirefoweta: I’ve never been able to tell you for reasons which you would quickly identify as obvious if you knew who this was.
(3:46:40 PM) mcguirefoweta: With that said, I want you to guess who I am, and approach me yourself.
(3:47:02 PM) mcguirefoweta: To help you out with your guessing I made a few pictures and videos with “Lauren” written on my body.
(3:47:38 PM) mcguirefoweta: did you get my last IM about the riscque photos? if you didnt get the link visit it in my yahoo profile
(3:48:02 PM) mcguirefoweta: My username in the members area is “LaurenandME09” (It’s a free website but you might need a CC or Debit to verify your age because I had to. Sigh.)
(3:48:27 PM) mcguirefoweta: once you are inside search for me. I want you to guess who I am and then approach me yourself. I’m shy and this is the bravest thing I’ve probably ever done, but you need to do the rest.
(3:48:53 PM) mcguirefoweta: i wont ever be able to get on yahoo messenger again this is my only day so come talk with me on the website
(3:49:07 PM) mcguirefoweta: Kisses, Secret Admirer

So…you think I should find him?  I mean..i always wanted a secret admirer. He sounds sexy.

FOUL….way too salty for my taste

Taken verbatim from the article…this is so gross.

Carl’s Jr. Double Six Dollar Burger
with Medium Natural cut Fries and 32 oz Coke
2,618 Calories
144 g fat (51.5 g saturated fat)
2892 mg sodium

Of all the gut-growing, heart-stopping, life-threatening burgers in the fast food world, there is none whose damage to your general well-being is as catastrophic as this. Consider these heart-stopping comparisons: This meal has the caloric equivalent of 13 Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donuts; the saturated fat equivalent of 52 strips of bacon; and the salt equivalent of seven and a half large orders of McDonald’s French fries!


Will make me think twice about driving the 1 South anytime soon. How is it I didn’t know that I drove over this? Am I that oblivious?

Yahoo! Travel has dubbed the 1 south one of the scariest drives. Read the article to find out what else made the cut.

Highway One/Big Sur


Alfred Hitchcock could not have conjured a scarier highway—122 miles of vertigo between Monterey and Morro Bay. Two lanes for nearly its entire length, the road meanders along cliff tops poised high above the Pacific, including 33 bridges and countless drop offs into liquid oblivion. Anyone faintly squeamish should not attempt to drive this route.

510 represent!

i really wish i had been documenting this better. I mean, this is the first place that Mick and I are living in, just the two of us. I imagine there will be many more to come, but this is the first. I have been just awful at documenting the transition…and i wish i had been better. The empty place, the uhaul, the boxes, the clutter, the finished product…would have made a cool sequence of shots. A good story. Ill use the excuse that I packed my camera. Its a lie, but im going to go with that.

Mick took some mobile uploads, so I will share those…for you people who cant wait to see the finished product. Im really excited about this place. Guestroom/office has both of our desks. I bought an Expedit desk from Ikea, and its all crafty and shit. Mick’s desk is filled with computer stuff and toys. The room is both of us…with a couch in the middle. The couch is a futon…which means we can have guests!!

Here we go so far! More to come for sure…especially when the place is done!





So right now i am torn between total excitement, sadness, and just being annoyed.

Excitement- Im moving to Oakland! Im super excited to get an awesome 2 bedroom place with Mick, and have a cozy lil life with SF being a destination, and no longer a way of life. Im excited for new adventures, and having my own space.

Sadness- its the end of an era for me and the BBH. I love my house. It made my SF life and my life in general what it is today. I got my job from a referral of a friend of the BBH. Most of my friends, when people ask how do you know them, my response is “They came with the house”. The sadness is there for sure

Packing and moving is just annoying. Yes, it is great to unpack and start fresh, but seriously, Im moving shit over all week, and cant enjoy the last evenings i have living in the city.

More updates and photos to come, as this next adventure in my life started yesterday when I went to pick up my keys.


I love this time of year. TAX TIME!!

Couldnt come at a better point in my life either. Im moving out. I need a security deposit, and rent. I need furniture, and dishes and all the other shit you need when you move out. Oh what? I need to clean the toilet? Oh, right I dont have a scrubbie thing, its at my other home….that kind of shit you have to buy. And it all adds up. So…Thanks Uncle Sam. Thanks Tax man.

But seriously.?? California might write me an IOU? what is that shit?

oooh fancy

says the girl who is writing this post on her new WordPress dashboard. Me likey.