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so good i had to blog it again…

Seriously….I dont have anything else to say other than you should read this shit.  Its funny.

Below is the complete email conversation that Adelaide man David Thorne claims he had with a utility company chasing payment of an overdue bill.

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know anyone with a good record collection?

Because I want to get in on this photo shoot!

This blog has pictures submitted with people taking pictures using their vinyl covers and incorporating themselves into the shot.  Its pretty much genius.  Oh Sleeveface.…another case of “why didn’t I think of that first?”

im kind of confused

yet intrigued by tumblr.  I just decided to see what the hype was about, and though I may cross post from time to time, this blog will have more substance I guess….and tumblr will be insta-fun.

Find me!  Follow me I guess…cuz you can do that…and tell me how to use it!


upgrade your wardrobe!

with a vanity kippah!

haha…its times like this, Im glad Jews have a sense of humor.  This guy seems to.

you should peruse the site…its funny.  The about me part is worth a read.

i do enjoy a good musical

just not High School Musical.  Though i’ve never seen it, and never plan on it…(for I may like it, and what then?)

Anyways, thats besides the point.  Yesterday, I was informed of a made for the internet musical blog called Dr. Horrible.  Its a Joss Whedon thang, and seeing as though I do love Buffy, and most things Joss, I was intrigued.  THEN, i found out it starred Neil Patrick Harris…and I am pretty much in love with everything he does, so I figured I’d check it out.  THEN, i found out it was being taken offline last night, and i had mere hours to watch it.

So I did.

Whedon is the creator of the TV shows “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Angel” and “Firefly.” “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” is a musical superhero spoof starring Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion. It was freely available streaming online through July 20, and will be available for download and on DVD.  Its only $3.99 for all three episodes.  Buy it.

It was great, and musical, and ridiculous, and starred some of his old favorites.  And now you can buy it on iTunes.  Good thing I got in early.  Cuz im cheap.  I would recommend it though, and I apologize I didnt inform you sooner.  I just didnt know.  If you are a fan of the Buffy musical episode, “Once More With Feeling,” you will find it especially enjoyable.  The Whedon brothers have a knack for writing lyrics, harmonizing and creating something worth seeing.  Maybe they will start showing this in theatres for a sing-along as well…especially since they pulled the Buffy showings.

lack of focus

So im hard pressed to figure out this word press stuff. (no pun intended) As I work on the layout, and click buttons and they dont do anything, and I get stuck with finding a picture that is the length of the page but short…I can’t figure out what i want to write about.

Do I write about music? Do I write about food? Do I write about work? Do I work the title into my blog and become a salty brat in my writing? Or do I just write what i feel at the moment, and about mundane shit that no one but me would really care about. Im guessing ill go with a bit of all of it…however, first things first. Gotta figure out Word Press.

Between this blog and the new addition to my family, a Nikon D40, I have quite a bit of learning to do.

One could only hope I will eventually be posting awesome pictures as a result of my education. Maybe some day the awesome blog will follow.